We knew that romance (of various sorts) was in store for the Mikaelson women in The Originals‘ fifth and final season, but now we can finally put some faces to names. TV Line published;

First up is Declan, the flirty Irish chef with whom Hayley will be involved — at least physically, if not romantically — following the eight-year time jump between seasons. Per EW.com, he’ll be played by CW veteran Torrance Coombs, best known for playing Bash in the first three seasons of Reign.

And then there’s Roman, the charming vampire who meets grown-up Hope (now played by Danielle Rose Russell) at school and takes an interest in her family after a “mysterious incident” occurs. He’ll be played by Jedidiah Goodacre, best known to Disney Channel viewers as Prince Chad in the Descendants movies.

The Originals‘ final season premieres in 2018.

“The Originals” Season 5 won’t premiere until next year, but fans are already getting some details on what to expect in the new season — or more accurately, who to expect. It seems the eight-year time jump means that the Mikaelsons will have lots of new friends and enemies. While the incoming cast members have not been announced, several descriptions of the new characters have been released. IBTimes has the details about those four new characters;

Margot: Another sexy vampire is coming to New Orleans. Margot is described as “calculating” and an accomplished vamp, according to TVLine. She has a history that goes back to 1920s Europe, and it seems like Margot will have a few things in common with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and his siblings. She has an “almost zealous devotion to her family.”

Declan: At San Diego Comic-Con, showrunner Julie Plec told Entertainment Weekly that there will be the new man in Hayley’s (Phoebe Tonkin) life in “The Originals” Season 5. “Hayley’s got a friend with benefits,” Plec revealed. “Hayley’s getting some.”

Thanks to TVLine, we have a little more information. Declan is a charming flirt but he also has a red hot temper. Perhaps that’s why Hayley knows she can’t keep secrets from him for long. Though he has no knowledge of the supernatural side of New Orleans when he meets Hayley, Declan will be introduced to the Original family “by the woman he loves.” That description makes it sound like Hayley and Declan are a lot more than friends with benefits.

Roman: Plec revealed that Hope (who will be played by teenager Danielle Rose Russell in Season 5) will get a love interest. A special boy will catch her eye while she’s at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted. He recently became a vampire and he’s very charming. He and Hope will bond over their messed up families, according to EW.

Antoinette: It isn’t clear if this vampire is friend or foe yet. Knowing the Mikaelsons’ complex relationships, she could be a little of both. Antoinette is a free-spirit but also an “old-school vampire.” Like most of the Originals, she’s charming and intelligent, and she uses that to hide her dark past. Could this be one of Margot’s family members?

Question: I’ll take anything from The Originals’ final season. Like, anything. —Charlotte
Ausiello: I think this qualifies as “like, anything”: Season 5 will introduce viewers to Antoinette, a free-spirited “old-school vampire” whose charm and wit mask her dark history. (Gee, are we sure she isn’t related to the Mikaelsons?)

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The cast of The Originals sat down for their final interview with TV Line during San Diego’s Comic-Con. We will definitely see Caroline (Candice King) in the season premiere, but who else will we see? Who else does the cast want to see return? Find out in the interview below.

After putting Josh Rosza through the wringer for the past four seasons (RIP, Aiden!) The Originals is finally giving the club kid-turned-vampire exactly what he deserves, TV Line says;

Steven Krueger has been promoted to a series regular for the CW drama’s upcoming fifth season, TVLine has learned, ensuring that Josh will remain in the Mikaelsons’ orbit for the foreseeable future. When last we saw Josh in the Season 4 finale, he was convincing Marcel and Sofya to ally themselves with Klaus & Co. in order to stand against the followers of The Hollow.

Though little is known about the show’s future, its fourth season ended with the Mikaelson siblings being forcibly scattered to the winds — gotta keep those Hollow pieces separate! — and Hope entering her first year at Alaric and Caroline’s school for supernatural tinies in Mystic Falls. Additionally, a massive time jump is in order, after which teenage Hope will be played by 17-year-old Danielle Rose Russell.

Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes-Salvatore may be crossing paths sooner than either of them expected. Candice King will reprise her Vampire Diaries role on The Originals‘ fifth season premiere, TVLine has learned exclusively. Unfortunately, no further details about King’s appearance, slated to air sometime in 2018, are available.

While it’s possible that Caroline will make the trek from Mystic Falls to New Orleans, it’s also entirely likely that her scenes will take place at the Salvatore Boarding House, where Klaus’ daughter Hope is enrolled. (In other news, Season 5 will begin with a major time jump, complete with a new actress playing teenage Hope.)

To say that Caroline has a complicated history with the Mikaelsons would be an understatement. Following a tumultuous romance in Seasons 3 and 4 of The Vampire Diaries, Caroline and Klaus eventually reunited (albeit over the phone) in Season 7. A key moment in the show’s series finale involved Klaus gifting his old flame with a hefty donation for her and Alaric’s supernatural school.

At the time of the TVD finale, Plec told TVLine that Klaus’ donation was a “wish, not a promise. … I think The Originals has the opportunity to visit with some of these characters, and I think there are future shows down the line that can be spawned out of this world and could tell good stories.” (Wish granted!)

It’s been more than four months since The Vampire Diaries wrapped its eight-season run on The CW, and some people are still angry about the way things ended for Stefan Salvatore — but his portrayer, Paul Wesley, isn’t one of them. TV Line sits down with Paul Wesley to talk about the series finale and Stefan’s ending;

“It was something I was really hoping for,” Wesley tells TVLine of Stefan’s untimely demise, which came less than 24 hours after he and Caroline Forbes became husband and wife. “I’d put in a good word, because I felt it needed end that way. I thought he really needed to die.”

Unlike many of the fans who forgave Stefan for his (countless) transgressions over the years — because, come on, it’s a show about vampires! — Wesley isn’t about to let his character off so easily.

“It was important poetic justice for all the bad things he’d done,” Wesley continues. “He was a murderer ultimately. He’d found so much redemption, yet was still tormented. For me, him making that ultimate sacrifice was a great way to say goodbye.”
Wesley’s line of thinking certainly lines up with that of showrunner Julie Plec, who had this to say about Stefan’s death back in March: “When we landed on the idea of Caroline needing to leave [Stefan] behind in honor of protecting her family, and then him needing to leave her behind in honor of protecting his, it felt somehow like the responsible outcome of a responsible relationship.”

Question: Desperate for some Originals scoop! What do you have?! — Chloe
Ausiello: It’s not exactly earth-shattering, Chloe, but let’s see if this at least makes things rumble: The CW drama’s fifth season will introduce a “calculating” vampire (aren’t they all?) named Margot, whose glory days trace all the way back to 1920s Europe. Two things you should know about Margot: She recently moved to New Orleans, and she has an “almost zealous devotion to her family.” Sounds like she’ll fit in just fine.

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The Originals’ fourth season is coming to a close and TV Line says that its fifth season could set the doors open for another spinoff;

Warning: This article contains a major spoiler from The Originals‘ upcoming fourth season finale. Proceed at your own risk!

Hope Mikaelson is about to hit another growth spurt.
Though neither The CW nor Warner Bros. TV are commenting, sources confirm to TVLine that The Originals is bracing for a significant time jump, setting the stage for a much older Hope — think late teens — to be introduced in Season 5. The time jump could arrive as soon as the June 23 season finale (The CW, 8/7c); casting for the “new” role, currently being portrayed by the phenomenal Summer Fontana, is now underway.

We also hear there’s potential for adult Hope to snag her own spinoff, though neither The CW nor Warner Bros. TV would comment on that either. Of course, if Hope does end up at the center of a third series in the Vampire Diaries universe, it would be sort of like a prophecy coming to fruition — albeit one foretold by executive producer Julie Plec.
“I think there are future shows down the line that can be spawned out of this world and could tell good stories,” Plec told TVLine back in March while discussing the letter Klaus sent to Caroline in the series finale of The Vampire Diaries. “It’s a hope for the future if nothing else.”

As for what else the future might hold for Hope, Plec reminded TVLine that “the idea of [Caroline and Alaric’s] school as a safe haven for young supernatural beings certainly has a lot of relevance for Hope,” leading many viewers — including the one currently typing this — to believe that Hope will relocate from New Orleans to Mystic Falls by the end of the season.

Note: This article was written before the most recent episode that aired last night (June 9th).

As you’ll recall from last week’s final twist, The Hollow has linked herself to Davina, meaning that if Kol doesn’t agree to obey her every wicked whim, it’s curtains for his girlfriend. TVLine spoke with Nathaniel Buzolic about his character’s latest challenge, his thoughts on “Kolvina,” and why he might not be the bad guy everyone assumes he is.

TVLINE | You’ve been playing this character on and off since 2012. When they tell you they want you for another episode or two, does it take a minute to get back into Kol mode, or is it like flipping a light switch back on?
It definitely takes a minute sometimes. When I get the call about them wanting me back for however many episodes, my first thought is that I need to work on my accent again, because it is slightly different from my Australian accent. And I’ll speak in that accent for usually about 48 hours to get back in the swing of it. So that’s my first alarming thought. But I’m also always just excited. I’ve had such an amazing journey on this show. … I just got back from Europe, where we’ve kind of made a whole new audience. A lot of the girls who watched The Vampire Diaries have grown up, so we’ve got this new teenage audience that’s just discovering the show [on Netflix]. It’s actually kind of bizarre having these young girls telling you they love your show, and you’re like, “The show started when you were eight.”

TVLINE | And I know Kol is usually on his family’s bad side, but what can you say about this particular clash?
You know what? If you love the divide between Kol and his siblings, you’ll probably love this episode. It’s an awesome episode where Kol finally gets to reconnect with Davina on some level, and when you see everything he’s willing to do for her, it goes to show how much he loves her. He’s also sort of returning a favor; she brought him back, so now he feels like it’s on him to help her and solve this huge dilemma in light of The Hollow being in New Orleans. There’s also a conflict of interest that comes up in the episode that I think the audience will enjoy.

TVLINE | It’s funny how casually you mention bringing each other back to life. I recently talked to Daniel Gillies about how many times you’ve all died on the show. When you died the first time, did you think, “Well, that’s it for Kol”?
[Laughs] Are we talking Vampire Diaries?

TVLINE | Why not? Let’s go all the way back.
I mean, it’s crazy. What’s amazing is how passionate the fans have been about this character. I’m always blown away by people who so love this character and always want him to stay connected to the show. I love that I get to keep coming back, and it’s always fun to die and be resurrected so the fans can have something to be excited about.

TVLINE | But as Gillies warns, you never want to die the same way twice.
[Laughs] Totally! When you die, then die again, you want the second death to be much more dramatic. Gosh, what will happen next? Will I die again? I think that’s what everybody’s asking.

TVLINE | You mean how many times he’ll die.
Right. How many times can you kill a Kol before a Kol can’t come back?

TVLINE | Kol has developed a bit of a bad reputation, and rightfully so, but he seems like a different person around Davina. What is it about their relationship that brings out this other side?
I think it’s just the overpowering message of love being able to change anyone or anything. If you look at our world, love is always what brings out the best in people. And when you see that in these characters — when they make a choice for love and not for themselves — the best of them comes out. It comes down to that age-old idea that love is the most important thing. That’s definitely what’s changed Kol, especially when you look at his history on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. There was never any love there, so as soon as it’s introduced, it’s a complete swing. Now the question is: What will he do for love?

TVLINE | When you think about the way the Mikaelsons were raised, it’s a wonder any of them can love.
That’s also what’s kind of beautiful. You look at these characters who have been around for 1,000 years, and Kol has never felt this way with anyone before. Then you find that one person, that soulmate that just changes everything about you, and you think, “Wow, maybe love is real. And maybe it doesn’t come around as much as we think it will.” Even for vampires, sometimes it just comes along once in an eternity.

TVLINE | And that’s what he has with Davina?
Yes, and there’s so much more that’s going to happen to him in this episode that will make people go, “Wow, that’s crazy.” It’s a fun episode, I really enjoyed shooting it. There are some really nice moments that I think the fans will enjoy. There’s even a nice little scene where you get to see Kol and Hope one-on-one for the first time. You get to see yet another side of Kol — Uncle Kol.

TVLINE | I’m kind of surprised Hayley lets Kol be alone with Hope. He seems like the one uncle you wouldn’t let babysit your child.
[Laughs] Right? Like, she’d say, “You’re going to drop her or leave her in a boiling bathtub. You’re not responsible with your own life, so how could you be responsible with a younger child?” But I think people might change their minds after they see that scene.

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