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After a trip to the Seelie Queen threw a wrench in Simon and Clary’s relationship when Clary was forced to kiss the man she had feelings for and that man was Jace, it’s fair to say the love triangle is now even more complicated. And in the episode airing July 17, Clary will find herself alone with Jace when the two of them go on an unsanctioned mission to test out some new rune powers. As for Simon, he struggles to tell his family the truth about what he is. (Thankfully, Maia’s there to help him.)

All of that action will be brought to Shadowhunters fans by former Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley, who directed the July 17 episode.


The final episode of The Vampire Diaries aired three days ago.
And Kat Graham proved she wasn’t ready to retire with it as she rocked a performance at Bar 96 on Monday.
The 27-year-old actress slash singer took to the stage at NYLON’s Happiest Of Hours at #TwitterHouse in Austin, Texas.

The stunner showed off her impressive assets in a plunging black vest top, which she paired with some very high-waisted jeans.
She was joined at the SXSW precursor event by fellow performers Bridgit Mendler, POWERS, and The Aces, as well as a DJ set by DJ Coco Robert.

Speaking with AOL’s Ricky Camilleri at the BUILD Studio opening in New York, Kat said that she’s going for a ‘different vibe’ with her upcoming album, which she’s been collaborating on with legendary producer Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds.

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The day has finally come to say goodbye to Mystic Falls, the Salvatore brothers, and eight seasons worth of shocking twists as The Vampire Diaries airs its series finale. And to honor the show that’s been so special to so many, cast members — both main cast and guest stars — took to social media Friday to say thank you and share memories of their time on the show and what it’s all meant to them. shared.

I have a bloody good relationship with @emmalalonde1 #tvdforever I think this was for a dream sequence in Season 6

Een bericht gedeeld door Candice King (@craccola) op

Regram @kevwilliamson ?❤️Season 1 #tvdforever

Een bericht gedeeld door Candice King (@craccola) op

Me and Dobreva- London circa 2010

Een bericht gedeeld door Paul Wesley (@paulvedere) op

the book is closing. i still can't believe i'm lucky enough to say i have my own little chapter in it. this show was such a force, and its impact on my life i'll be forever thankful for. to the creators (@kevwilliamson and @julieplec) and the cw, thank you for taking a chance on a young girl that was hoping and praying for a role like this. child actors tirelessly dream of landing on such a stepping stone. it ushered me into the next phase of my career in such a seamless and graceful way. i am overcome with awe to this day of how timely everything fell into place. to the cast and crew, thank you for your open arms. you all taught me so much and made this one of the most positive and unforgettable experiences of my life. and lastly, to anna, who i am so honored to have portrayed. what a truly beautiful character and journey. from her quirkiness and innocence to her depths filled with longing and pain. she became more than a character and words on a page. she was so very real to me, and i'm so glad that others were able to fall in love with her the way that i did. #tvdforever and ever.

Een bericht gedeeld door ᴍᴀʟᴇsᴇ ᴊᴏᴡ (@malesejow) op

From the pilot. Our very first picture together! @iansomerhalder @kevwilliamson #tvdforever #tvdmemories

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Season One wrap party. @craccola @nina @kaylaewell @saracanning @kevwilliamson #tvdforever #tvdmemories

Een bericht gedeeld door Kevin Williamson (@kevwilliamson) op

With only three episodes left, The Vampire Diaries is bringing back all those characters you never thought you’d see again, including Kelly Donovan! can confirm;

The CW has released new photos from the series’ penultimate episode, “We’re Planning a June Wedding,” in which Matt’s mother makes an appearance. Kelly Donovan — who was originally written as a succubus — hasn’t been on the show since season 1, but her return could have something to do with the importance of Matt’s family in this season. But more importantly, what’s this wedding, you ask?

Based on the title, it certainly looks like Stefan and Caroline’s dream wedding, but the episode description states that it’s planned in order for Stefan and Damon to “lure a dangerous enemy out into the open.” Here’s to hoping there’s still a bit of romance.


The Vampire Diaries has wrapped up filming earlier this week… *sobs* I have added some behind the scenes photos to our photo archives;

Another familiar face is returning to The Vampire Diaries in its final season — only this one’s not quite as friendly as the others. TV Line can confirm that Chris Wood will return as Kai Parker!

The CW on Monday released a batch of photos from the Feb. 17 episode (8/7c), featuring none other than Chris Wood‘s Season 6 villain Kai Parker.

With Nina Dobrev officially returning for the March 10 series finale, I know what you’re all wondering: Will Kai undo the sleeping spell he put on Elena? Sadly, your guess is as Wood good as mine.

Credit: TV Line
Courtesy of The CW

I have added photos of The Originals’ cast at San Diego’s Comic-Con;

I have added photos of The Vampire Diaries’ cast at San Diego’s Comic-Con;

I have added photos of The Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley during San Diego’s Comic-Con 2016;

I have added photos of The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder during San Diego’s Comic-Con 2016;

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