The cast of The Originals sat down for their final interview with TV Line during San Diego’s Comic-Con. We will definitely see Caroline (Candice King) in the season premiere, but who else will we see? Who else does the cast want to see return? Find out in the interview below.

The cast of The Originals are live on Facebook during San Diego’s Comic-Con.

Phoebe Tonkin (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals) and Joel Jackson (Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door) are set to star in SBS’ upcoming Safe Harbour.

The Matchbox Pictures four-parter, currently shooting in Brisbane, will also include Ewen Leslie (Rake), Leeanna Walsman (Seven Types of Ambiguity) and Jacqueline McKenzie (The 4400).

They’ll be joined by Hazem Shammas (Underbelly), Nicole Chamoun (Kick) and Robert Rabiah (Tomorrow When the War Began).

Safe Harbour, written by Phil Enchelmaier, Belinda Chayko and Matt Cameron, follows a group of friends who, on a yacht trip from Brisbane to Indonesia, intercept an overloaded asylum seeker boat.

Glendyn Ivin (Seven Types of Ambiguity, The Beautiful Lie) will take up directing duties, with Matchbox’s Stephen Corvini (Better Man, Hyde & Seek) producing. SBS’ Sue Masters (The Principal, Deep Water) is the executive producer.

“We’ve assembled a brilliant cast that is set to entertain and enthral an audience with a view of some of the timeliest and urgent discussions going on in our world right now,” said Corvini.

SBS director of television and online content Marshall Heald said Safe Harbour was the sort of series that only SBS could make, “a psychological thriller that will both captivate audiences and get them talking about issues that impact all of us.”

“We are excited to be working with the enormously talented Matchbox Pictures team and a brilliant young ensemble cast who bring the story to life in beautiful Brisbane.”

Safe Harbour has received production funding from Screen Australia in association with Screen Queensland.

NBC Universal will handle international sales.


On the CW series The Originals, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) must turn to Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) for help uncovering information about the mysterious force that has set its sights on the children of New Orleans, so that she can save her daughter, Hope (Summer Fontana). And while Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) are forced to team up, Freya (Riley Voelkel) and Keelin (Christina Moses) attempt to alter the power dynamic of the city.

During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, showrunner Michael Narducci talked about finding the perfect young actress to play Hope, the growing bond between Hope and Klaus (Joseph Morgan), just how dangerous this new threat will be, Freya’s journey, whether we’ll see Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) again, the purpose of Alaric’s (Matthew Davis) appearance in Episode 408, how impressed he is with the cast members who have also taken on episodes as directors, and how difficult his decision was to leave the show at the end of Season 4.

Collider: Jumping ahead in time meant that you had to find a young actress to portray Hope, who could pull off everything that such a complex role requires of someone so young. Were you worried that you wouldn’t be able to find someone, and how quickly did you find Summer Fontana?
We were definitely worried that it would be difficult. If we had not found someone as talented and amazing as Summer, I think we just would have done less with that character. We would have jettisoned her to the periphery of the storyline. We saw so many really talented people, but we saw Summer and she just made us sit up in our seats and really pay attention. And then, we had the chance to meet her and audition her some more. When we brought her on board, especially in Episode 3, we saw how amazing she was with out cast. And then, we knew that we could do what we wanted to do, which is to not focus too much on one character, but to have her be a part of what was going on in the family, in a very important way. She delivered beautifully, throughout the season, so we just got tremendously lucky. I will say that I think Summer Fontana is a huge star.

What can we expect from the growing bond between Hope and Klaus, as they continue to get to know each other?
The very first instinct was to portray that moment where the loving daughter looks at her dad and says, “I know you’re going to protect me, no matter what, and I appreciate that and I’m glad you’re here,” and then there’s the hug that we’ve all been wanting to see. But, there are other elements of being a family. There’s the moment when your child gets sick, for the first time. There’s the moment when you don’t know what’s best for them and you’re struggling to figure it out. There’s the moment when your child asks you questions that are difficult to answer, particularly questions about right and wrong, given that Klaus has a, shall we say, very flexible notion of right and wrong. It’s going to force not just Klaus but everybody to look differently at some of the moral choices that they’ve made, and they’ll either double down on the prospect of family above all, or maybe consider whether this is the kind of life that they want Hope to have. We spent all of Season 3 dramatizing the concept that anyone who gets in the orbit of the Mikaelsons is going to suffer and die. That’s the Mikaelson curse. Do we want Hope to grow up to be someone where anyone that comes into her orbit will die, because then we’ve just passed the curse onto this little girl, or do we want to help protect her and give her a fighting chance at a real life? That’s one of the big questions that I’m interested in exploring.

Saying “I’m going to keep you safe, always and forever” is a big promise to give someone, especially in a world like this. Can Klaus keep Hope safe from whatever this threat is, that’s after her and the other children?
Well, if I just said no, that would be really depressing. And if I said yes, than I don’t know if you’ve got any motive to continue watching. So, I will say that it’s much more complicated than a yes or no answer.

When I spoke to Phoebe Tonkin recently, she told me that the big threat this year is probably the most dangerous threat that these characters have seen or heard about, in their entire lives. What can you say about exactly what this threat is and what we’ll start to learn about it, in the next couple of episodes?
I’ll say that the rate of revelation, in terms of the knowledge you will gain about this entity, is going to be very fast. So far, we really don’t know anything. We know there’s a blue light. We know there’s this bizarre image of a snake or serpent eating its own tail, that continues to appear. We know that this thing affected Vincent and Eva Sinclair, years and years ago, and now it seems to have a hold on the gentleman who, in Episode 3, was holding the children captive, and it certainly seems to have had an affect on Detective Will Kinney, who is behaving in a way that is different from how he behaved before. It’s going to start off almost like a ghost that has influenced and is very selfish, and that wants what it wants and will do anything to get it. From there, we’re going to begin to see this thing take on a form. Once it takes on a form, you can expect that it’s going to be very dangerous.

When you have more alpha personalities in one place than is probably healthy for anyone, with the Mikaelsons, Hayley, Marcel and Vincent, can they find a way to work together effectively, where they see eye to eye, or will they also have conflict amongst each other, while they try to figure out how to handle this?
What you just pointed out is one of the challenges of working on this show. There are so many different strong personalities, and nobody is going to back down from what they believe in. Right now, they’re diametrically opposed. That’s really frightening. Some of these people should be on the same team, especially given the threat that they’re facing, but they can’t get over some of their past grievances. But, I think that’s an opportunity for new alliances to emerge and for people to argue in favor of their own point of view. That’s what I love, when you have two characters on your screen, in a scene together, and they’re both arguing, but they’re both right and they both have a point of view that is valid. Right now, if you have Klaus and Marcel in a scene together, they both have a perspective that is, in their own minds, correct, and I want to see that scene. I also want to see what happens when Marcel comes face to face with Hayley, and when Marcel comes face to face with Elijah, and when Marcel comes face to face with Hope. All of those things are going to happen.

What can you say about Freya and what her journey will be?
I saw a little bit of backlash against Freya online, and I thought that was interesting. To me, Freya is perfectly justified, in terms of what she’s doing. It’s not morally right, but from the vantage point of a 1,000-year-old witch who wanted, more than anything, to return to the family that she was stolen away from, she’s found and protected her family, and now there’s someone out there that can kill them. She doesn’t know Marcel. Klaus has a long history with Marcel. Rebekah has a long history with Marcel. Elijah has a long history with Marcel. Freya doesn’t know Marcel that well. Freya knows that Marcel can kill her family. If someone threatened to kill your mom or dad, or your son or daughter, you would stop at nothing to neutralize that person. That’s the path that she’s on, right now. She’s motivated to find a way to take care of the problem that threatens her family, and I believe that that is very much in character. Whether or not she begins to evolve and change and decide there’s a different course of action to take, I think that’s absolutely what we want to play with, as the season goes on. I will also say that her partnership with Keelin is really great. They have a tremendous rapport. Those two actresses are very fun together. Keelin is very worldly and contemporary, and Freya is timeless. She’s a witch. She’s a little bit bizarre and out there. Even when we first introduced Freya, in the witch’s mental asylum, she was a little bit bizarre. She watched cartoons, for the first time. She’s an interesting character, and those two playing off of each other is really fun. I love seeing them together, and they have a great journey to go on.

Might we see Kol and Rebekah again, anytime soon, or at least sometime this season?
I promise you that absolutely you will. We have Kol and Rebekah for about half of the season. We have 13 episodes, so you can expect them to be in at least six. They’ve been in two already, and they’re going to be in more.

We know that Alaric will be on Episode 8 this season. What brings him to town and what business will he have with the Mikaelsons?
The only thing I’ll say is that Alaric was establish, in Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries, as a teacher, an educator and a person that understood the supernatural, and who had spent a long time investigating the supernatural because his wife had disappeared and ostensibly been taken by Damon. So, here comes Alaric, and he’s got this encyclopedic knowledge of the supernatural. He knows all of the ins and outs of what’s going on in Mystic Falls and he was able to interpret the petroglyphs on the wall that outlined the history of the Mikaelsons. So, they may be calling upon Alaric to help answer some questions, and he might prove to be even more helpful than we might have expected.

It was nice to be reminded of the Klaus-Cami dynamic this season, and to hear how much Kol misses Davina. Are you always thinking about ways to pay some remembrance to those past characters and how important they were?
It’s not that we set out to pay service to them. It’s just that, if you’re being true to character, that is a big part of who these people are. Of course, Kol is still going to think about Davina. Of course, Marcel is still going to think about Davina. If you see Klaus tormented to the point of agony and his mind is shutting down, what might happen? Well, he might, in his delusion, remember the person who once gave him solace and who was not only a love, but a therapist, a friend, a coach, and someone who was his moral compass and demanded that he be his best version of himself. That’s who Klaus needed to be, in Episode 2. He needed to be the best version of himself, so he could pull that Tunde blade out of his chest, and I don’t think there’s a person, other than Cami, who could help him arrive at that place.

Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and Charles Michael Davis are all directing episodes of the show now. How have you found working with them, in that capacity?
I want to say that they each did phenomenal jobs. People ask, “What performance impressed you the most this year?,” and I can talk about acting performances, all day. But the fact that these three actors did double duty and also were directors just blows my mind. Joseph directed for us last year and did an amazing job, and this season, he had a very technically difficult episode, which you’ll see this Friday. There’s a lot going on, with a lot of different storylines and a lot of scenes to cram into a single episode, and Joe is just tenacious. He will not stop until he gets it right, and I really valued that about working with him. With Charles, he became a student of directing, even in Season 1. He would follow directors and sit in on production meetings and really study how to be the best director possible, and all of that education paid off. Charles has one of our most emotional episodes of the season. There’s at least three scenes in Charles’ episode that, every time I see them, and I’ve seen them dozens and dozens of times, they make me emotional. Daniel also had an extremely difficult episode. He’s directed before. He’s directed his own film that he wrote. But it’s a different thing when you have to direct on television, on a tight schedule. It required him to know, backwards and forwards, the chronology of the Mikaelsons and all of the history and everything that our show does well. Daniel is someone who, every time he arrives for a meeting to discuss his character or a script, has got so many ideas and he’s so passionate about elevating the material. It’s impossible for Daniel Gillies to phone in something. Every single time he works, I’ve never seen him give up. He always tries to make things as good as they could possibly be, and he does that as a director, even more so.

Without knowing whether or not the show would be back for Season 5, how difficult was it for you to decide to leave The Originals, as the showrunner, at the end of this season? Was that something that you had to think a lot about?
Yeah. It’s kind of a personal question, but I will say that it was very difficult. I love Julie [Plec]. I love our staff of writers, I’m very close with them, and I admire them greatly. I think it’s because I love and respect everybody so much that I felt like I could leave and I would sleep well because I know these characters that I love so much are in great hands. But it was a situation where I had been on the show and done four seasons, and I got a great opportunity to go somewhere else. I thought a lot about my own family and creatively where I am, and I thought this was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. I really do love The Originals. I’m very proud of the stories we’ve told, over the course of these four seasons. I think the actors are tremendous. I think our crew is, without question, the best I’ve worked with. As I’m struggling to find the words as I talk to you, it was a very emotional choice and a very difficult choice, but I’m happy with the way things turned out and I’m really excited. I was able to write the finale knowing that it was going to be my last episode of the show, and with the help of our writers, our crew and our cast, I think we created a game-changing episode. If it’s the last episode of the season or the last episode of the series, for me, it’s my last episode and I’m proud of it.

The Originals airs on Friday nights on The CW.

On The CW series The Originals, the Mikaelsons are reunited as a family, after five long years apart, and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) must attempt to reconnect with his daughter, Hope (Summer Fontana), who is now seven years old. At the same time, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) tries to determine the best way to protect the family, which is not something that Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Freya (Riley Voelkel) seem to be able to agree on, all while a mysterious witch plans to sacrifice a group of innocent children, including Hope Mikaelson.

During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, actress Phoebe Tonkin talked about the mother-daughter relationship between Hayley and Hope, where Hayley’s focus is, now that she’s reunited the Mikaelsons, how Hayley feels about Klaus, Elijah and Hayley’s tight bond, conflict with Freya, how dangerous this new threat is, whether she would be interested in directing (a few of her co-stars have been directing episodes of the series), and which actor from The Vampire Diaries she’d like to see show up in New Orleans.

Collider: What have you most enjoyed about having the five-year time jump this season? What has it allowed you to get to do, that you wouldn’t have been able to without it?
I definitely think it’s been really interesting to show Hayley as a mother of a 7-year-old, and the challenges that Hayley’s faced, being responsible for this human being, who has questions of her own about her own family heritage and her own powers, and things like that. It’s created this really nice mother-daughter relationship that wasn’t necessarily there when she was a toddler.

And it must feel quite a bit different, as an actor, to actually have a child to interact and have scenes with, instead of just an infant or toddler.
That made a very big difference, especially for my character. As lovely as it was, for three seasons, having baby Hope, it brings a different dynamic to the show, having someone that is listening in on conversations and is very much a part of people’s storylines, and not just a sweet little baby in the corner.

Did the five-year time jump feel more like a reset for you, as an actor, and for how you’re approaching your character now? Did it feel like you had to do a lot of figuring out where her head would be, this many years after the last time we saw her?
I think Hayley spent the last five years doing nothing but trying to get the Mikaelsons back. I hope she at least had a couple of fun mini-vacations with her daughter, but I think she spent five years just trying to get them back. After five years of trying, it was such a big relief for her to finally do that, but it wasn’t so much a reset. Five years is a long time to spend looking for someone, or a bunch of people, so it’s just nice for her to have her life back again.

In the five years that we didn’t get to see exactly what Hayley was up to, what did her best days look like and what did her worst days look like?
I think her worst and her best days were probably the same. She was in a lot of pain for five years because she was without the people that she loved, who are this family that she’s become a part of. The best days were probably the days where she was getting close to finding out how to break the curse, and the worst days were probably the days that she felt lonely without them.

Hayley spent so much time on saving the Mikaelsons, who in turn saved Klaus. How does she feel about what Klaus went through, in that time, and about Marcel, who was responsible for it all?
She feels like what Klaus did was very selfless. He sacrificed himself for Hope, really, and for Hope to have some sort of a normal upbringing. Klaus has done some terrible things to a lot of people, but she was so very focused on helping him and saving him. They’re all very dysfunctional. Even her relationship with Marcel is quite dysfunctional, considering he’s the one that ended up doing what he did to Klaus. They’re all terrible people who have done terrible things, but they have this strange relationship with each other.

Hayley has been so focused on the goal of saving the Mikaelsons, so now that she’s done that, what will her focus be next?
I think keeping her child save is her number one priority, and it always has been. When they were on the run, she wasn’t as worried about keeping Hope safe because there were no Mikaelsons around her to bring in potential threats. So now that they’re back, as great as it is to have her family around her, her main focus is her kid and making sure that her kid is safe.

What is Hayley’s place among the Mikaelson family? Does she know where she fits in, among them?
I think she definitely feels a bit like the grounded figure. She brings a level of normality to this family. She’s just a mom who wants to protect her kid. That’s really all she wants out of her life, to protect her child. I don’t think she even cares about her love life anymore. She cares about her kid.

How does Hayley feel about Klaus, at this point? Is he just the father of her daughter, or is he the protector of her family?
She sees a space in family life for Klaus. I don’t think she wants her daughter to grow up without a dad. Hayley grew up without parents, and without a father figure. I don’t think she’ll ever be romantic with him, or maybe she will be, but for right now, she’s just trying to keep everything somewhat calm, so that her daughter has a father who can protect her. Klaus is very strong, which brings a level of protection to Hope, and I think that’s very important to Hayley. They’re trying, in their very unconventional way, to be good parents to Hope.

Where are things at with Hayley and Elijah? Are they finally free to explore what being together would mean for them, or is she really not concerned with her love life, at all?
I don’t think she’s that concerned with her love life. She has a 7-year-old daughter. There are a lot of threats that come at this family that are very violent and dangerous threats. She loves Elijah very much, but her love for Hope is all-encompassing. Once she finally gets some time with Elijah, which we’ll hopefully see in the next few episodes, there’s a true love and bond between them, but her love is now split, a little bit.

We don’t get to see Hayley and Rebekah together too much. What sort of relationship will they have?
Rebekah and Hayley don’t have that much together. Hayley and Freya have had quite a lot of stuff this season. They’re both very pivotal in the men’s decisions, and sometimes Hayley and Freya have conflicting opinions. They’ve both been starved of family for so long, in their respective ways, that they feel very protective of their family. They just don’t necessarily see eye to eye on how to support or advise their family members.

When you have two such strong women, like Hayley and Freya, who are unwavering in their own opinions and decisions, how do they move past those moments of tension?
I think you’re going to see a little bit of that kind of conflict, in the next few episodes. That’s something that we do explore, and that’s really nice to have. Freya and Hayley didn’t have much to do with each other last season, so it’s really nice to play with that, this season.

We know that whatever this new threat in New Orleans is, it’s going to have its sight set on Hope. How dangerous will things get for her, as well as the other children, especially when the Mikaelsons and Hayley are willing to turn to Marcel and Vincent for help?
Yeah, the big threat this year is probably the most dangerous threat that these characters have seen or heard about, in their entire lives. Anything that involves children is just a different type of stakes. The stakes are so different because these kids can’t protect themselves. We’re not only trying to protect ourselves, but we’re also trying to protect all of these innocent children who haven’t necessarily accessed their powers yet.

Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and Charles Michael Davis are all directing episodes. What’s it like to be directed by your co-stars, and does watching them try their hand at directing an episode of the show inspire you to want to try it yourself, sometime?
I would love to direct. We’ve been really lucky, on this show, that we have a lot of female writers and we’ve had quite a few female directors. Obviously, Julie Plec is our beautiful female creator. I do feel like, as a woman in this industry, The Originals, in terms of the staff, is quite well-represented. I don’t feel the need to put my hand up to represent my gender, in this particular family of creatives. But I’m definitely interested in it, and it’s been really nice to watch my co-stars direct, over the last couple of years. I think I definitely would be interested, eventually.

Julie Plec intentionally left the door to New Orleans open in the series finale of The Vampire Diaries because she wanted to allow for the possibility of maybe seeing one of those characters again. Is there anyone from The Vampire Diaries that you’d like to see show up in New Orleans, either as an ally or an adversary for Hayley?
I’ll say Candice [King], just ‘cause I love Candice and I’d love to hang out with her, during the day. So, I’d like to see Caroline Forbes show up.

The Originals airs on Friday nights on The CW.

The Originals’ Phoebe Tonkin sat down with to talk about this season’s new big bad and of course Hayley and Elijah’s future;

Hayley is about to get everything she’s wanted for the past five years. After last week’s successful mission to rescue Klaus, the Mikaelsons are back together, and Hope is going to get to know her father (along with her aunts and uncles). Plus, Hayley has the man she loves back, so what could go wrong? Well, on The Originals, the answer is usually: everything.

EW caught up with Phoebe Tonkin to talk about the family reunion, her character Hayley’s future with Elijah, and the little fact that her daughter could have a mystical evil coming after her.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: After five years, the family is finally reunited. What does that mean to Hayley?
It’s relief, and a little bit of closure. All Hayley’s ever wanted was family and then she had to say goodbye to her family. All she’s done for five years is be on the run with her daughter and I think she got this massive relief because she can finally stay in one place hopefully, and she can give her daughter somewhat of a normal life hopefully. There’s a little bit of a weight off her shoulders now because that’s what she’s done for five years, but then obviously it’s not that calm for too long.

Were you curious about those five years? Did you talk to the writers about what Hayley had been up to?
I did ask them. I was like, “Maybe she went on a few dates or does she have some weird girlfriend that she made friends with?” [Laughs] She was very serious about making her focus just about the family and making sure that they were going to come back into her life and her daughter’s life. I think she spent a bit of time with grandma Mary, so I think grandma Mary was her friend over the last five years. I don’t know what else Hayley would’ve probably been doing besides looking for ways to get the Mikaelsons back and keeping a low profile.

Keeping a low profile despite driving a tractor trailer everywhere.
Exactly. [Laughs] I also want to know what they would listen to in that truck. I wonder what Hayley and Hope were jamming along to.

Right. It’s kid’s music and then Hope falls asleep and it’s…
Smashing Pumpkins. [Laughs] Or Hayley’s been learning French in the truck on like, what’s that…

Rosetta Stone?
Yeah! She’s been Rosetta Stoning. She’s been learning Spanish.

We also have this new big bad. Hayley has worked so hard to keep Hope safe. How is she going to react when her daughter is potentially part of something she can’t control?
That’s what’s so terrifying about the big bad of the season is that they don’t really know much about it: They don’t know why it’s here; they don’t know what it wants, and once it starts to feel like maybe this is something directly affecting or directly targeting Hope, that’s when everything gets serious. Once you’re talking about protecting a 7-year-old who doesn’t understand her powers yet or anything, that’s when the stakes become very high.

Are Hayley and Elijah on solid ground at this point? After five years apart, I feel like they deserve a moment of happiness.
Yeah, I think having not seeing him for five years there’s probably been five years of dreaming about the day that she would see him again, so I think the first time that they get to spend time with each other is hopefully this magical moment because it’s all she wanted. I think they love each other very much but you know as the season goes on, it becomes very clear that Hayley’s priority is being a mom and protecting her daughter.

And this week, I heard something about a disagreement with Freya. I assume that has to do with Keelin.

Yes. Hayley and Freya both have very similar back stories in that they have been without family, so when they finally did get family, they’re super protective of them. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that their ways for protecting their family are always going to align. There’s a couple of conflicting opinions between Hayley and Freya, but at the end of the day, they’re family and they have the same intention which is to protect each other and protect their family, and especially protect Hope. But they just sometimes have differing ideas of how to do that.

The Originals airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.


Don’t blame Klaus if he doesn’t recognize his daughter when The Originals returns in 2017. As revealed as San Diego Comic-Con, there will be a five-year time jump between the CW drama’s third and fourth seasons — and now, TVLine can exclusively introduce you to the actress playing grown-up Hope: Summer Fontana.

Fontana, whose credits include a role in the movie Basic Witches (how appropriate!), began filming for Season 4 earlier this week. And, seriously, is she not the spitting image of her parents? (Or at least her father?)

“I’m excited to see what kind of personality this little girl has,” Phoebe Tonkin said of Hope during the cast’s interview with TVLine at Comic-Con. “Even though she hasn’t been around her dad for the last five years, I think there’s a lot of Klaus in her — good or bad — and I’m excited to see that in this little powerful witch.”

I have added photos of The Originals’ cast at San Diego’s Comic-Con;

TV Line hopes you like ghost stories, because The Originals is cooking up a doozy for you in Season 4;

The CW drama’s cast, along with executive producer Julie Plec, stopped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con suite (presented by ZTE) to preview what’s to come after the impending five-year time jump. Among the topics discussed:
* How will Hayley explain the whole ‘Elijah is your uncle, but also my boyfriend’ thing to a grown-up Hope? (And does anyone in the cast miss working with the Hope babies?)
* What can we expect from Containment refugee Christina Moses’ new character?
* Does Marcel have any friends left in New Orleans?
* Which soon-to-be-available characters from The Vampire Diaries would the cast like to bring onto The Originals?

I’ve made a list of The Originals’ Season 4 spoilers that were confirmed during this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con;

  • There’s a five year time jump when The Originals returns. It’ll have a major impact
  • Hope will be older; talking, having opinions and what not
  • We’ll see a different side to Klaus after the sacrifice; his walls are up
  • Marcel will be in New Orleans. He’s more confident, sexier when The Originals returns.
    He’ll be slightly different but definitely on top of the food chain
  • Riley hopes to see a connection between Freya and Hope. She’ll do anything to protect her family
  • Riley also hopes that Freya will have a love interest
  • Yusuf says this season could be a stand alone season. You can come in as a new audience without any knowledge about previous seasons and/or The Vampire Diaries
  • Executive Producer Michael Narducci says there will be repercussions and after effect of what they’ve endured
  • This season will focus on how to save Klaus from the prison he’s been in
  • Hope has a great relationship with her mother Hayley, but is also very curious about her family. That will be a huge part of this season
  • We’ll see the results of Davina and Cami’s deaths as both had a huge effect on both Marcel and Klaus
  • Hayley will lead on Freya after losing friends and her husband; they’re going to have to work together as a family
  • The fans will also get closure on the deaths of Davina and Cami
  • There’s a chance we will see Davina again. Michael Narducci says: “Nothing is ever destroyed”
  • Hope is definitely a Mikaelson. We’ll see a happy, healthy Mikaelson child

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