I have added 500+ 1080p screencaptures of The Originals’ season premiere 4×01: “Gather Up The Killers” to our photo archives;

At last, the Mikaelsons have returned! (Well, most of them, anyway.)
Friday’s season premiere of The Originals picked up five years after the family’s defeat, with King Marcel and Reverend Vincent working (somewhat uncomfortably) as one to prolong the city’s new era of peace. Unfortunately for Klaus, a key step in keeping that peace involves torturing him 24/7 in a dank, dirty basement.

Elsewhere, Hayley tracked down the final wolf pack member she needed to brew the Mikaelsons’ Wake-Up Juice™. Freya was the first to say good morning, followed by Elijah, the latter of whom celebrated by planting a long-overdue kiss on Hayley. (That whole werewolf fight sequence was actually pretty badass. I hope we see more of Hayley’s wild side this season.)
Now, let’s start with the question on everybody’s mind: What the heck was Hope drawing at the end of the episode, and why were those drawings also appearing all over New Orleans? (Sorry, I guess that was two questions. I’m apparently as good at math as I am at deciphering serpentine sigils.)

“It’s sort of the key to unraveling the whole mystery of the season,” executive producer Michael Narducci tells TVLine of the mysterious symbol, which he identifies as an “ouroboros, a serpent eating itself. Hope is starting to dream about that symbol, and now it’s appearing in the form of graffiti throughout the city.”

Below, Narducci answers more of our burning questions from the premiere, shared by TV Line:

TVLINE | Since we’re already talking about Hope, I have to ask: Where’d that red hair come from?
[Laughs] That is a good observation. You know, we weren’t setting out to cast an actress with red hair — we were looking for someone, and we saw a lot of young actresses, who could really portray some really emotional scenes, including the reunion with her father. She needs to be able to handle some of the darkest beats we’ve ever done on the show. … As for the red hair, if people refuse to believe there was ever red hair somewhere in this Viking bloodline, I’ll apologize for that.

TVLINE | One thing you don’t need to apologize for is that Hayley-Elijah reunion. Of course the first thing he’d do is put a jacket on her. Such a gentleman. … Is it crazy to think they might be able to stay happy and obstacle-free?
I think there are always going to be some obstacles, just in terms of there still being a threat posed to the family. There’s Marcel, and there’s a city full of witches that have enjoyed the freedoms that came with the Mikaelsons being absent. There’s also this seven-year-old person who is going to have her own perspective and her own feelings. Going forward, everyone has to say, “We’ve done whatever we want for the last thousand years, and it’s been great, but now there’s this kid.” It’s the height of selfishness and irresponsibility to not put her needs and concerns first. I’m not saying Hope is an obstacle to anyone’s happiness — far from it, since she’s the source of their inspiration and possibly their redemption — but she’s going to be the center of a lot of what’s going on moving forward.

TVLINE | It’s funny… For an episode of The Originals, there weren’t very many Originals in this one.
Well, it was definitely our intention not to have them all awake at the top of the episode. We really wanted it to feel like they’ve been asleep for five years. And if you think about it, there’s Hayley and Hope. They’re both part of the family, as is Marcel, really.

TVLINE | Oh, Marcel. Please tell me that somewhere, deep down, he’s feeling a little bad about what he’s doing to Klaus.
I think he probably is, maybe a little bit. But if you remember back to the Season 3 finale, Klaus basically stood there and watched while Elijah killed Marcel.

TVLINE | And is there any chance that Klaus isn’t going to straight-up murder Marcel as soon as he’s free?
Well, that’s assuming that revenge will be Klaus’ first priority once he becomes free, which it might not be. His first thought could be, “Let me go find my kid.” That’s also assuming that Marcel will be easy to kill. When he drank that serum at the end of last season, he became something we still don’t quite understand. He may not be so easy to take down.

TVLINE | I loved the references — including visuals! — to Cami and Davina. Will we see more of them?
These were both really important characters to the people of the city, and they’re both greatly missed. And have we seen the last of these characters? On a supernatural show, you can imagine there’s a possibility of seeing them again in some form or another. As you saw [in the Season 4 trailer], Klaus is going to be experiencing this terrible torment, and one of the moments of solace and relief that he gets is conjuring this memory of this person who meant so, so much to him. You’ll get that in the very next episode.

TVLINE | And what does our friend Alistair have in store next week? Just when I think this show has run out of fun accents…
[Laughs] I should nip this in the bud and tell you that was it for Alistair. Marcel’s thinking was: This guy is coming to my town and being really bossy. He wants Klaus, so I’ll very smartly give him exactly what he wants. I’ll also show him in a public form that when Klaus is gifted to someone, that gift bites back. Now all the other unsired vampires realize there’s no stopping Klaus, so they let Marcel keep him in check.

TVLINE | Oh, my bad. I guess I just assumed Marcel would give Alistair the cure for Klaus’ bite.
I think Marcel is definitely going to use Klaus’ blood to cure some of those other people… but Alistair is kaput.

Here are the songs that played during The Originals’ season premiere “Gather Up The Killers”;

KERMIT RUFFINS “When the Saints Go Marching In”
THE KILLS “Siberian Nights”
MIKE SNOW “The Heart of Me”
CAZZETTE “Blue Sky (feat. Laleh)”
BAD BOY BILL “Headlock”

Note: The Vampire Diaries’ music page will be updated as soon as possible.

Here’s the preview of The Originals’ 4×02: “No Quarter” airing March 24th on The CW;

NOW THAT WE ARE AWAKE — After being cured and woken, the Mikaelson siblings join Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) in an effort to rescue Klaus (Joseph Morgan) from captivity – even if they must face Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) in the process. Meanwhile, Klaus’ demons materialize in unexpected ways as he suffers from the effects of the Tunde Blade, and Vincent (Yusef Gatewood) investigates a haunting that will prove to be much more sinister than he could have imagined. Daniel Gillies also stars.

Here’s the official description for The Originals’ 4×02: “No Quarter” airing March 24th on The CW;

NOW THAT WE ARE AWAKE — After being cured and woken, the Mikaelson siblings join Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) in an effort to rescue Klaus (Joseph Morgan) from captivity – even if they must face Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) in the process. Meanwhile, Klaus’ demons materialize in unexpected ways as he suffers from the effects of the Tunde Blade, and Vincent (Yusef Gatewood) investigates a haunting that will prove to be much more sinister than he could have imagined. Daniel Gillies also stars.

The wait is almost over. The torture is almost over! The Originals’ fourth season premieres this Friday on The CW;

The final episode of The Vampire Diaries aired three days ago.
And Kat Graham proved she wasn’t ready to retire with it as she rocked a performance at Bar 96 on Monday.
The 27-year-old actress slash singer took to the stage at NYLON’s Happiest Of Hours at #TwitterHouse in Austin, Texas.

The stunner showed off her impressive assets in a plunging black vest top, which she paired with some very high-waisted jeans.
She was joined at the SXSW precursor event by fellow performers Bridgit Mendler, POWERS, and The Aces, as well as a DJ set by DJ Coco Robert.

Speaking with AOL’s Ricky Camilleri at the BUILD Studio opening in New York, Kat said that she’s going for a ‘different vibe’ with her upcoming album, which she’s been collaborating on with legendary producer Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds.

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[Warning! The following contains major spoilers from the series finale of The Vampire Diaries. Read at your own risk!]

The Vampire Diaries series finale was not messing around. After making viewers think Damon (Ian Somerhalder) compelled Stefan (Paul Wesley) into letting the eldest Salvatore sacrifice himself to save Mystic Falls, “I Was Feeling Epic” delivered the devastating twist that Stefan was actually the one to die in TVD’s final hour.

But the series finale wasn’t all tears and heartbreak. It also gave us Damon and Elena (Nina Dobrev) getting their happy ending together, Caroline (Candice King) and Alaric (Matt Davis) opening up a school for (magically) gifted children and — most importantly — Stefan and Damon finally finding peace.

Co-creator Kevin Williamson spoke with TVGuide.com about why Stefan had to die, that Klaroline letter and the Delena proposal that had to be cut for time!

Why did you decide to end the series with Elena and Damon reuniting with their family in the afterlife?
Kevin Williamson:
Well, that’s a little interpretive, if you ask Julie [Plec], I believe. The idea was the montage shows a direction and we had our characters suggest what happened to them. And Damon, like the voiceover tell us, he was worried he would never see Stefan again. It was just Elena assuring him that there would be peace. That we’ve dealt with this other side of darkness for several seasons, but there’s also light out there and there’s peace, and Damon will find it. If you search for it, you will find it. And we wanted to get that last moment to see that yes, Elena found it and yes, Damon found it too, and it looked just like his brother.

Everyone else looks approximately the same age they were when they died. Why did Damon and Elena both still look so young? Did you just not want to mess with old age makeup?
You know, it is interpretive. The idea that this whole show was about loss and grief and losing people and ultimately, I guess the final message is that all these people who shaped and guided us along the way live within us and if you look within, you find peace. And so we kind of stepped out of reality in that moment and showed what that would look like. In reality, they did live lives and they did grow old. But in the voiceover, I can’t remember it word for word, but I think she says, “Damon will find peace.” And we know what that peace looks like. And then she looks to the porch and sees her family and then Damon returns to his home and sees Stefan.

I loved that the final shot was of Stefan and Damon together.
That was important. Well, the important thing for me, I can’t speak for anyone else, but the important thing for me was that I wanted the last lines to be the last lines.

“Hello brother” has become such an important line in this show. When you were working on the pilot, did you have any idea of the significance that phrase would come to have?
No, but there’s always those lines. Like in Dawson’s Creek it was, “See you, Joey.” And so it’s the same thing kind of. And I wanted a “Dear diary.” That was the other line that was really important. I wanted Elena to say, “Dear diary.” Originally in the montage, it started with everyone else and ended with Elena. And then at the last second I was like, “No, no, no. We have to start with ‘Dear diary.’ We have to put her in the graveyard.” And Julie was like, “Yes, yes, yes!” And then we started it and ended it with her.

Do you have any other favorite callbacks that you managed to work into the finale?
My favorite line was, “That’s for me to know and you to dot dot dot.” I’ve always liked that line and I used to say that. That was something I would just say all the time as a writer because you’d always write dot dot dot. And so I’d always go, “You know, blah blah blah, dot dot dot.” And so I’d always just say it in the writers’ room when I was explaining something. “Well, you know the rest, dot dot dot.” And then I put it in the line and I felt like, “You know what? Katherine’s older than Damon. Where did Damon get the line? Oh, he got it from Katherine. Let’s have Katherine say it.”

The show started out about two brothers fighting over a girl, but became much more about the intricacies of the brothers’ relationships than any one romance. When did you first notice that shift happening?
From the beginning we wanted to write a show about a family. The show was about family and loss and grief, because it was really about Elena losing her family. And it started off with her and Jeremy dealing with the worst-case scenario. And then of course, how do they find that family? And for Jeremy, it was how does he find his way, and for Elena, it was how does she find life again, and then once she comes to life, how will she ever be able to trust someone to love them? And then the triangle opened up. But it was always about Stefan and Elena both dealing with loss and grief and trying to learn how to live again. And she turned towards some good vampires along the way.

Julie told me that up until two weeks before the script was written, someone else was supposed to die. Can you reveal who that was?
Oh, everyone was supposed to die. There were so many conversations in the writers’ room. Everyone had these great ideas. I’m only sad that we couldn’t put everything in there because it was only 42.5 minutes. But there were so many possibilities. It was very important for us not to kill Bonnie. Bonnie should not have to die for Elena’s happiness. It was this conversation of, “Oh, Bonnie can go be with Enzo because that’s exactly what she would want.” Like, no. That’s not what Enzo would want. Bonnie needs a full, rich life. She needs a happy ending. So that was important to us, so we couldn’t kill Bonnie. And we can’t kill [Matt], because if he’s lived this long as a human, he needs to continue on. If we were going to kill him, it had to have been in Season 4. You can’t do it in Season 8. It was really between Damon and Stefan. You know, we got rid of Katherine. We killed Katherine. We knew we were going to take her out. There was a conversation that Damon and Stefan both died. And then there was a conversation that it just ended with Damon killing Katherine and saving the town and saving everyone. For me, where the story was when I came in and got involved, Stefan had just been the Ripper for a long period of time and killed Enzo. And the only way for him to come back from that, I felt, was to kill him. That’s why he had to die.

The Lexi (Arielle Kebbel) appearance after Stefan died made his death much easier to bear. Why do you think Lexi was the perfect person to lead him into the afterlife?
She was always there for him. She always had his back since Day 1. I think she showed up in the series, and because of her, you liked him more. Once you learned, oh, they’re best friends. And once we figured out who she was and what she did, in that one little moment she propped Stefan up for Elena when they were getting to know each other. And seeing Lexi gave us another whole side of Stefan at a time when he was just a brooding vampire. It just sort of opened him up a little bit. You’re like, “Oh man. How did they end up friends? I’m interested in that girl. Now I’m interested more in Stefan.” It really helped shape him as a character. And she’s always been there for him. It turns out she was the one who helped him with being a Ripper. She’s just always been there for him and had his back. She’s perfect.

A recurring issue in this show has been the idea that Stefan is the better man, but the finale indicates otherwise. Do you believe that Damon really is the better man?
I think that’s kind of what Katherine said and I think she was doing it because what happened was Damon became the better man. And I think that’s the eternal arc, is that he truly became everything his brother wanted. He became everything his brother was hoping he would become. And because his brother sacrificed himself for him, Damon got to live a better life.

Stefan sacrificed himself almost immediately after his wedding to Caroline. Are you at all nervous about the reaction from the Steroline fandom?
Yeah, that one’s a little tricky, possibly. I hope that the audience understands though that the greater good, which is that Stefan — he kind of said it to her. “You’re not going to put your children in harm’s way ever. It’s always going to be about family. You understand that more than anyone. And because it’s always about family, you’re going to understand what I’m about to do.” And she understood it. “It’s always about family.” And she didn’t like it and life hurts and life is painful, but she understood it. And we also threw in a little nugget of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) with the letter!

Why did you decide to include that letter and hint at Klaus and Caroline having a future together?
That’s the one storyline that we sacrificed. You know, Klaus went off to another series and we never really got to play that story out, because had Klaus stuck around, clearly that would have been a relationship and road we would have gone down for at least a storyline. I miss that storyline. I always wanted to see it. But things happen. No regrets, for sure.

The letter definitely felt like nice ways to honor one of the show’s most passionate fandoms. When working on the finale, how did your desire to please the fans influence the process?
That was the guiding force. That was the whole thing. Julie and the writers, we were like, “We have to say thank you.” We started talking about finales in general and why we like finales and which ones we like and why do you like them and why don’t you like them. And we felt that when we watch finales, we like being rewarded. What you really want the finale to do is say thank you. And so that was our goal and I really hope the audience understands. And it really is hard to please everyone. And in another universe, if Elena hadn’t left the show in Season 6, we might have had another ending because I am a Stelena ‘shipper, always. But this ending just makes me cry and makes me smile at the same time, and that’s what we really wanted to do. We wanted to cry, cry through laughter.

Based on the massive ring on Elena’s finger, she and Damon got married in the future! Was there any talk of ever showing some of the nuptials onscreen?
Yes. We actually had a moment, which we didn’t have time for — everything got cut. I think the first cut came in 18 minutes over. And there was a moment in the show where he proposed and she responded after medical school. And the whole point of that moment was just to show that she became a doctor. And so we thought, “Oh, we’ll just put her in scrubs and we can cut that piece.”

Bonnie is now off traveling the world and living her life to the fullest, so how has her dynamic with Enzo’s (Michael Malarkey) spirit changed? Are they still actively involved or does he only watch her from afar?
He’s watching from afar. He’s going to let her have her life and live her life. I imagine that’s what peace looks like — is those people who guided us and shaped us and who we loved are always going to be there within us. And we just visually showed what that looked like.

Do you imagine that when Bonnie (Kat Graham) does eventually die, she’ll be reunited with Enzo again?
If that’s what she wants, I think she will be, because that’s what peace is.

When we get glimpses into everyone’s future, they’re all off doing these great things and being with the people they love, but Matt’s (Zach Roerig) big accomplishment is getting a bench in his honor. What do you think that says about who Matt is and what his priorities are?
I think when we first started, Matt didn’t know who he was. He felt like the bad pawn of some reckless parents. He had such a dysfunctional family. And he came into his own. He became a man people look up to and applauded. And he’s also been in a lot of ways the gatekeeper of Mystic Falls now and he’s prepared for it. And now he’s going to have an entire community of people counting on him. He’s turned into this beaming light of responsibility and courage and he’s truly — I think he’s a hero. We just see a bench, but the thing about having a bench dedicated to you, you usually deserve a lot more than that. I have a feeling that bench was representative of a lot more.

What do hope The Vampire Diaries legacy will be?
I would hope that people look back on it with a big smile and that it’s nothing but great memories. You want people to remember it fondly and go, “Wow. I loved that show. Boy, was it a great show.” Big ol’ smile.

As Vampire Diaries fans know, death isn’t always permanent. With that in mind, the show might’ve ended, but is there hope that it will pull a Jeremy Gilbert and miraculously come back to life?

There are no plans at the moment, but according to TVD and Originals showrunner Julie Plec, there are still stories to be told.

“My hope is The Originals will stay on and that I can bring some of these characters over there,” Plec says of the Vampire Diaries spinoff. But if that doesn’t work out, there’s another option. “I could see our universes coming together in five years, 10 years, when people miss the shows,” she says. “There’s still stories to be told for The Originals that our characters here very smoothly and seamlessly fit into, so if we don’t get to do that while The Originals is still on the air, I think that one day, if somebody wanted it badly enough, it could exist.”

Speaking to how that could come together on a technical level considering TVD seemed to flash forward to the end of Damon and Elena’s life at the conclusion of the series finale, Plec notes that Elena mentioned a “long and happy life” in her voiceover.

“That leaves a nice 70-year window to fill in the blanks,” Plec says.

One final note: For those worried that Stefan’s death means he wouldn’t be a part of any future stories, fear not. If there were a future opportunity to tell more stories, Plec feels they could find a way to make sure both Salvatores would return.


The Originals returns with its fourth season premiere this friday, so be sure to watch the dead rise again on The CW;

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