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First of all I’d like to wish everyone a happy, healthy new year!

Second; Due to a busy time in my personal life updates regarding The Vampire Diaries/The Originals, the cast and everything in between might come a little bit than usual.
I’ll try my best to inform you the best way I can during this time.

I hope to be back to my regular schedule in about two weeks.

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Hi everyone!

I have checked the site for dead links.
If you still come across one or multiple dead links, feel free to contact me at contactvpdcentral@gmail.com.

Thank you!

Hello everyone,

I’m sure you noticed by now, but The Original Vampires – formerly known as Vampire Diaries Central – has a new layout up and running.
The new layout has been made by the always so kind Kaci! <3 It features 2015's Comic-Con photoshoot and The Vampire Diaries' season 6 promotional shoot. I'm about to check the site for dead links and then I'll be adding the photos of the 2015 Teen Choice Awards which Nina Dobrev attended on August 16th. Regards, admin

Finally! vpd-central.com has been officially transfered to our new host Flaunt.nu!
It might be possible that there are some broken links, so if that’s the case please let us know by contacting us.
Vampire Diaries Central also has a new name The Original Vampires and can also be reached by the following URLs www.thevampirediariesfans.com AND thecwsoriginalvampires.net.

Again, many thanks to Flaunt.nu for hosting our website!

I have updated the list of The Vampire Diaries season 6 music. You can find the list here, but here are the songs that played during the last three episodes of The Vampire Diaries;

Episode Title: (610) Christmas Through Your Eyes
Airdate: December 11th, 2014
[Episode Guide] [Music Guide] [Episode Stills] [Screencaptures]
Caroline Brooks “25 Days of Christmastime”
Dustin Kensrue “This Good Night Is Still Everywhere”
Christina Perri “Please Come Home for Christmas”
Sugar & The Hi Lows “Home for the Holiday”
Hank Williams “My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It”
Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson “Winter Song”
Dustin Kensrue “Blue Christmas”
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Episode Title: (611) Woke Up With A Monster
Airdate: January, 22nd 2015
[Episode Guide] [Music Guide] [Episode Stills] [Screencaptures]
Jack White “I’m Shakin”
Young Summer “The Waves That Rolled You Under”
MTNS “Lost Track Of Time”
French For Rabbits “The Other Side”
Phillip Selway “Don’t Go Now”
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Episode Title: (612) Prayer For the Dying
Airdate: January, 29th 2015
[Episode Guide] [Music Guide] [Episode Stills] [Screencaptures]
TV On The Radio “Happy Idiot”
Night Terrors of 1927 “Always Take You Back”
Birdy “I’ll Never Forget You”
Matt White “Out of Sight Out of Mind”
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The website had a little crash, but I was able to restore most data. I will continue to work on restore the data. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I have finished the episode guide for The Originals‘ first season and can be found here.

Yup, I am back with a new layout and fresh content. This fansite will keep you up to date about The Vampire Diaries and the cast, but also its spinoff The Originals and the cast. I know, not every page is filled with information, but I’m working on it. The photo archives will be off limits for a while, but I hope to have that opened as soon as possible.

I’m also looking for new affiliates. If you have a fan/website, feel free to contact us by going to this page and fill in the necessary information.