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Anything about Damon on The Vampire Diaries? — Steph
Now under the control of the mysterious new big bad, Damon finds himself being judge, jury, and executioner when the show returns. “Damon has unfortunately become a little bit of a servant to an evil who has an opinion on what should happen to people who do bad things,” EP Julie Plec teases. “He’s a little bit of a minion at the moment, and we’ll have to learn who he’s a minion for and why.”


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Karma’s a bitch. Klaus Mikaelson’s (Joseph Morgan) supernatural offspring got their revenge on dear old dad in Season 3 of The Originals. Lucien (Andrew Lees)—the first human Klaus sired—killed Klaus’s love Camille (Leah Pipes). Then, in the finale, a betrayed Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) sealed Klaus inside a wall in unending agony. TV Insider talked to Morgan about his character’s “difficult year” and what could come next.

After a life dedicated to selfishness, Klaus finally lived up to his oft-cited vow “Family always and forever” and gave himself up to the aggrieved Marcel to keep his siblings safe.
Yes. Klaus managed to gain at least some form of redemption by sacrificing himself to a waking nightmare in order to keep his family alive. He’s in a comalike state that’s agonizing pain where your worst fears play like a silent movie in front of your eyes. Can you imagine?

The show will time-jump next season. When Klaus finally gets out, will he try to kill Marcel now that his once favorite “son” has become an all-powerful monster thanks to Lucien’s werewolf venom potion?
I don’t think so, unless it’s necessary for his survival. The bond with Marcel is one of the show’s foundations. That’s why it was so hurtful to Klaus when his brother Elijah (Daniel Gillies) tore out Marcel’s heart. I’m happy for Charles because in the last two episodes he’s done some very special work, but I’m sad for the lost relationship between the characters.

Can that rift between them ever be healed?
I don’t know. I certainly don’t think they’ll be drinking whiskey together. The Mikaelsons wrestled New Orleans from Marcel when they returned to the city [in the pilot], and now he’s taken it back. This could be the beginning of a war! There will be a score to settle, for sure.

Will Marcel and Klaus’s sister Rebekah (Claire Holt) still have their century-old romantic feelings for each other when the show returns?
Yes. And that adds complications to this twisted family drama.

How will Cami’s death affect Klaus? Is it the end of the healing she wanted for him?
Cami was cast as the love interest for Klaus, but she ended up as so much more. She nurtured his humanity, which allowed him to be a real father to Hope, his daughter with Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin). With Camille’s death, he fears he’ll go back to the guy who turned up, guns blazing, in Mystic Falls a couple of years ago. But as long as he has his daughter in his life, there’s hope for him. Quite literally.

With two vampire-werewolf hybrids as parents, and witch genes as well, Hope could grow to be very powerful. So maybe she will be Klaus’s savior in ways that might also include rescuing him from his current imprisonment?
His savior—or his downfall? How old would she have to be to kill her father? She could have a lot of resentment. I have always felt Hope would be the key to everything.

How was filming that romantic death scene in which Klaus gave Cami one final vision of a perfect day in the French Quarter?

It was great. They wrote such poetic speeches for me. We filmed for the whole day together out in a small Georgia town, and it was the culmination of our work together over the last three years. We’re all really sad to see her go. Klaus is always bad news for women.

Considering all the havoc he has caused in his near thousand-year lifetime, does Klaus deserve a happy ending?
I want him to have redemption. That might not mean a happy ending for him, but I’d want it to bring happiness to other people, especially Hope. Whatever form that redemption takes, it should end up making a better life for her.

You play this powerful immortal with a strong sense of self-worth and a hair-trigger temper. Does your wife (Persia White of The Vampire Diaries) ever say, “Whoa, Klaus is coming out, honey”?
He does come out now and again. [Laughs] She says, “You’re giving me that look.…” But she knows how to handle Klaus.

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Is there hope for Klaus and Marcel’s relationship on The Originals? — Sara
To say that Klaus and Marcel’s relationship is more complicated than ever would be an understatement. “The indignity of Klaus Mikaelson’s situation the last five years [is being] held captive by his surrogate son and forced to be an advisor to a king that he does not recognize,” EP Julie Plec says. “Also, [he knows] Marcel is actually singularly responsible for the fact he’s alive, because so many people have come to town in the last five years desperate to see him reduced to ash.”


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Here are the first three episode titles of The Vampire Diaries’ eight and final season;

8×01: Hello Brother
8×02: Today Will Be Different
8×03: You Decided I Was Worth Saving

It was confirmed that every episode of this season would be a quote. Damon’s “Hello Brother” (The Vampire Diaries’ pilot) is the season 8 premiere.

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The Vampire Diaries may be ending, but the future looks bright for The Originals.

Speaking to reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Thursday (Aug. 11), CW president Mark Pedowitz said he doesn’t believe the end of The Vampire Diaries will affect the spinoff series.

“I hope it lives very well on its own,” said Pedowitz according to Deadline. “I’m hopeful that we will see a fifth year.”

Pedowitz’s comments on The Originals echo that of showrunner Julie Plec.

In a blog post written for EW earlier this year, Plec assured fans that the fate of The Vampire Diaries would in no way effect the fate of The Originals. In that very same post Plec also teased the possibility of seeing some familiar faces from Mystic Falls make the jump over to The Big Easy.

“The Originals are here to stay as long as you’ll have us,” said Plec back in February. “Also, if and when TVD ends, it would be fun to see some of our favorites from Mystic Falls find their way to NOLA.”


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What can you tell us about Steroline in season 8 of The Vampire Diaries? Are they going to be happy and what is in store for them? Thanks. — Cameliamane
Well, it’s certainly not an easy restart to the relationship since Stefan has other things on his mind. But Caroline also has a big year ahead. “Caroline is trying, in her wonderfully Caroline way, to be all things to all people,” EP Julie Plec says. “She’s trying to be the perfect mother, the perfect baby mama to her recently parted fiancé, she has a new job, she’s back in Mystic Falls. She’s working at the local news station in Mystic Falls as a behind the scenes journalist this time. She’s also trying to juggle a very important relationship to Stefan against the crisis of the moment, which is that Stefan’s brother is MIA. She’s multi-tasking in her own fierce, fabulous way. Lots big shifts and moves coming up for her this year.”


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Nothing’s official yet, but The Vampire Diaries fans can take heart in knowing that everyone is trying to get Nina Dobrev back in Mystic Falls for the CW drama’s upcoming eighth (and final!) season, says TV Line;

“There are discussions going on with Nina,” CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed to reporters Thursday during the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “We’d love to have Nina back. She was great for The CW. She was integral for The Vampire Diaries.”

Of course, there’s also a back-up plan in place should Dobrev’s return prove impossible: “Hopefully she’ll be back, but should it not work out, Julie [Plec] has planned a great series finale [that will satisfy fans],” Pedowitz added.

As for the series coming to a close, Pedowitz echoed previous sentiments about it being a mutual decision between himself, Plec and Warner Brothers Television’s Peter Roth.
“We collectively came to the same place,” he explained. “Julie really got there before either Peter or I did, which was this was the right time to end the series, go out in the right way.”

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Keahu Kahuanui is once again finding himself in the company of werewolves — with a few vampires and hybrids added in for good measure, TV Line confirms Keahu will be joining The Originals’ season 4;

The Teen Wolf alum will recur in the upcoming fourth season of The Originals as Josh’s new boyfriend Eddie, TVLine has learned exclusively. Despite being very much aware of the supernatural world around him, Eddie — described as “sweet, funny, sexy and charming, with an encyclopedic knowledge of random facts” — has no desire to be anything other than human. We’ll meet him in the second episode of the season.

Kahuanui joins a growing list of intriguing Season 4 additions, one which includes Christina Moses (Containment) as a fierce werewolf named Keelin and Neil Jackson (Sleepy Hollow) as a mysterious vampire named Alistair.

The Originals‘ fourth season kicks off midseason on The CW.

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The first episode of The Vampire Diaries’ final season will be “Hello Brother” – Damon’s famous first words on the show’s first season, TV Fanatic confirms;

“Hello, Brother” is the name of the episode and it has us pretty intrigued.

Julie Plec recently revealed that every episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 8 will have an episode title that will throwback to dialog from a previous episode.

If you recall, on The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 1, Damon appeared and said those words to a very shocked Stefan.

Could this mean that Damon will show back up when Stefan least expects it?

Quite possibly.

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